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About HealthMatch

The healthcare industry is oversaturated with provider groups, carriers, and insurance agents. We’re here to build better, stronger relationships among healthcare professionals and their beneficiaries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build customized solutions for your needs. Need someone to contact your patients and inform them of your new location? We can handle that for you. Need someone to contact your clients and tell them about a new provider? We can do that, too. We can even survey your patients to find out what they like or don’t like about your office!

Your doctors, agents, and coworkers have such high responsibility when it comes to taking care of patients and beneficiaries. Your time is better spent on providing quality care - leave the communication aspect to us. We’ll report back to you with our data and responses.

HealthMatch is not a provider group, carrier, marketing company, or an insurance agency - we are a third party communication center. With a quick contract signing, we’ll do your communication work for you, a major step in creating healthcare communities for better access to care.

Our Health Care Call Center Connects Doctors & Patients

Building Relationships with Consumers

We understand how important relationships are for your business. Our communication center representatives are trained not only to accurately portray information but also to help your patients or clients feel comfortable with the person they are speaking with.

Protecting Your Consumer Data

You get to choose how we help your business. If you only want us to contact your clients once, we will comply. If you want us to become your main source of communication, we can do that too. We’ll never use your consumer data for anything other than what you agree to in your contract.

Connecting Healthcare Professionals

We’ve done our research. We can connect your clients or patients with insurance agents and other providers in their area so that they can receive the well-rounded care they deserve.

Always Following Regulations

Our business is compliant with HIPAA and CMS guidelines. We’ll dot all of our “i’s” and cross all of our “t’s” before we begin working with you.

How Can Our Communication Center Help You?

Inform Your Clients of Network Changes

We can connect your clients with an agent who can help them find a new plan that you can accept.

Spread the Word about Office Policy Changes

For instance, new requirement of proof of insurance.

Inform Your Patients of a Change of Location

Did you move? Let your patients know where to find you.

Confirm Old Contact Information

Make sure you have the most up-to-date contact information for your patients.

Inform Your Patients of a Change in Your Practice

Let everyone know that you have a new doctor in your office or that one of your doctors is leaving.